Land Walker

18 May, 2005 | Science And TechnologyTdp

Some friends of mine are big fans of a site called Octopus Dropkick, which seems to specialise in finding weird but cool Japanese stuff, everything from flash animations to news to toys to gadgets (and runs on WordPress too). It was from there they sent me a link to the Personal Mech Suit (officialy I think it's called the Land Walker). It's kind of a cross between Ed 209 and an AT-AT. You climb inside and can 'walk' around, plus it has two guns that fire what looks like tennis balls (actually they're sponge balls).

Apparently it's been built by an agricultural machinery manufacturer in Japan and is available for 38 million yen should you want one. They're meant as toys and have turned down offers from a security agency who expressed an interest. Be sure to check out the videos of it walking (2.9Mb WMV) and, more importantly, shooting (1.8Mb WMV).