Kinect Already Hacked

12 Nov, 2010 | Science And TechnologyTdp

The BBC reports that Microsoft's Kinect has already been hacked to work with other hardware and operating systems. Not completely, but it's the first step.

While Microsoft seem to be peeved by the whole idea, I think it shows perfectly the kind of world we're living in. People are re-purposing and improving technologies to better suit them and to open up new possibilities.

That's why the proprietary nature of big business seems so backward, they should be encouraging people to take the technology and find new ways to use it. Someone will come up with a killer app that the originators never even thought of and it will only be more popular.

You only have to look at some of the routers that were issued with Linux so had to be open source and see what the community has done to improve and expand these things in ways the original creators didn't think of our couldn't commercially do.