I'm a Dunker

26 Nov, 2004 | TdpGeneral

On the flight home today I was in economy, which is something of a misnomer. The airline I fly with only has one plane on the Amsterdam-Schiphol route (and they're the only company that fly that route at all from my local airport). The plane is a 30-seater, and by different classes they mean the difference between having a meal on the flight and not. Those of us on the cheap tickets only get a hot drink and a pack of biscuits. Now, the biscuits can be standard chocolate ones, and some are small packs of ordinary biscuits, and when giving me my cup prior to serving the tea, the stewardess obviously spotted I was a dunker and gave me a pack of Digestives.

As soon as I had my tea I ripped open the packet and began dunking. For me, the Digestive is the ultimate dunking biscuit, strong enough to stand up to a good dunking, unlike the Rich Tea, while not being overly fussy or too thick like the Bourbon or Custard Cream. Get a cup of tea, grab a pack of Digestives and get to it.

And for those people who don't know how to make a proper cup of tea (which seems to be anyone outside the Commonwealth), I've looked about and found no better article than this on how to make a good cup.