I Want an Unsmart Phone

10 Jan, 2010 | TdpGeneral

I caught this in an article by Cringely:

...this product introduction really marks the ultimate decline and fall of so-called “feature phones” and the rise to dominance of smart phones. Within two years there will be no more feature phones, at least not in the U.S.

Woah, I’m not sure I want a smartphone, I’d rather have a normal phone (what I assume he refers to as a ‘feature phone’) which was smaller and lighter than the current batch.  I don’t want a phone with an MP3-player and a radio and a calendar and a to-do list app.  All I want is one that makes/receives calls, sends/receives texts and has a phone book on it and is as small and light as possible but with a reasonable battery life.  Let’s not forsake normal mobile phones just yet, not all of us want a smartphone!