I Bow to Thee

19 Jul, 2004 | WebTdp

There are some people who rightly deserve to be legends in the blogging community, some who have witty insight, the ability to root into all corners of the web and dig out a gem of a story, some who things just happen to in daily life and some who can make any story laugh-out-loud funny. Some are technically capable, some push the boundaries of their industry or passion. I am not one of those people, but I, like many others, know a few who are.

One of these people, who has a combination of inspirational technical skill and comical commentary, has recently updated their site. I'm not talking an overhaul of the look, I'm talking practically everything. What makes this more impressive is they built the entire system from scratch with a little help from a few friends along the way. Having tried to roll my own and given up for lack of time, I appreciate how tough it is, how you see an error message one time too many and vow to use an off-the-shelf package, or, more usually, try and find a firearm with which to teach PHP that your code is FINE, dammit. I am in complete awe (he's also a nice chap and put up with endless questions while I was building the previous incarnation of this site).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Dunstan Orchard.

Click here for full info on Dunstan's makeover, impressive stuff.