1 Oct, 2004 | ComputersTdp

Can someone please explain to the record companies (and the movie industry for that matter) what a complete waste of time Digital Rights Management (DRM) is. The only people it limits are those who aren't technology savvy. It doesn't stop a computer user with even basic knowledge, let alone professional pirates, for more than a heartbeat, all it does is get on everyone's tits.

There are quite a few ways around DRM's restrictions but I use a little bit of software called Audio Record Wizard, which is completely legal and will remain so as it has legitimate uses. This little baby will record whatever sounds are playing on your system at that time and save it as an mp3 or ogg vorbis file -- a format that, incidently, the BBC is playing about with -- , free from DRM so that you can do what you want with it. Simply hit record, play your song, hit save (and if you want, drop into some sound editing software like Audacity if you need to trim bits) and voila, a DRM-free sound file.

When are they going to learn that stifling people's access to music and stopping them being creative with it only hurts them in the long run?