6 Aug, 2005 | EntertainmentTdp

No, not the infamous bingo call, but the TV series. I’d heard about it due to its success in the States, but I wasn’t too fussed until I saw a couple of recorded episodes we had at home, and now I’m hooked. Think of is as CSI minus the murders, but with doctors. It’s sort of murder mystery, but where the villain is an illness and, usually, there’s no death. It stars Hugh Laurie, who’s fairly well-known in the UK, but he puts on an American accent for the show and is supposedly so good many/most Americans were fooled into thinking he was a native. It glosses over a lot of stuff (medical expenses for example) and there are obvious faults (House has a team of impossibly good looking young doctors helping him, who happen to be experts in everything -- they can do surgery, perform tests and operate on anything they come across. He has far more resources and a smaller caseload than any doctor in history and no problems ordering all sorts of expensive tests without anyone blinking an eye), but get past those and its fun.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it and like that sort of thing, Thursday nights 9pm on Five (formerly Channel 5, now just Five, which I find a bit too succinct).