Helping Mother Nature

26 Aug, 2004 | Living WorldTdp

I realised today that my car has become part of the cycle of nature.

Plants use a variety of ways to spread seeds; they grow fruits to encourage animals to eat them and spread the seeds through their excrement, or make seeds that get caught in fir and feathers, they use wind, water and numerous other ways to scatter them far and wide. Well now, one bush at least, is using my car.

Everyday at work my car sits in the same spot (saves remembering where I parked it) where a bush has taken to showering it with seeds. As I drive home and my speed increases, these seeds are slowly blown off, some even make it all the way home (especially when it's been raining). This means my car is helping to spread these seeds over a large area, increasing their chance of finding good soil, germinating and growing in an area free from competition.

Who says cars aren't good for the environment?