Government Websites are a Rip-Off

25 Jun, 2010 | WebTdp

What caught my eye in this article about the new government trying to simplify all the government websites, it was the costs:

Just 46 websites cost £94 million to build, with staff costs of £32m

Go a read that again, £94 million. That's in excess of £2 million each! The government websites don't do enough to warrant anywhere near those costs, if they came close to a million I would have been up in arms.

I suspect this is the case of government departments being ripped off again. I could save the government billions very easily, review their buying and contract negotiation teams. Fire the lot and hire in some of the guys who work in the commercial sector.

I worked for a branch of the MOD at one time and we were paying more for a PC from our suppliers that I could if I walked into PC World. On the scale of purchases alone they should have been paying a fraction of the cost.

Trust me it's no better in councils either, that's where our tax money goes, into the pockets of companies who manage to get government contracts.