Google Whack

23 Jan, 2004 | GeneralWebTdp

I'm currently listening to an audio book that one of the family members won. I don't usually listen to audio books, but this one was by a guy called Dave Gorman. Dave sticks in my mind because he had a TV show where he tracked down as many people called Dave Gorman as he could. It was hilariously funny, and I remember it fondly.

When I saw the audio book then, I was intrigued. It was called Google Whack! I stuck it on and was introduced to his adventure tracking Google Whacks and linking people together. Now I'd never heard of a Google Whack, so for those people who don't know, the idea is to find search terms on Google that result in just one (yes 1) result.

There are certain rules, the terms have to be words in the dictionary at, two words and no quote marks and they can't be on a listing page like a dictionary. Check out for some classic examples like: fetishized armadillo, or insolvent pachyderms or, flibbertigibbet boogers. So, why not hunt for your own google whack?

I thought I'd found my own with: marsupial decypher, but no, decypher isn't in the dictionary (decipher is). It's actually harder than it sounds, I had 'marsupial nicam', but it was only on a listing page. (Did you know there are 17,100 hits for 'marsupial battery'?!) I finally (after about an hour) have my own: xenogamy interstellar - yipee! In case you're interested, it leads here:

So, off you go and see if you get the feeling of elation as you find your very own google whack. Good luck, and plenty of patience.