Going Dutch

22 Oct, 2004 | TdpTravel

Well folks, it looks certain now that I will be off to work in Holland for six months on secondment. So it'll be ta-ta to good ol' Blighty and hello to the land of clogs, tulips, recreational drugs and diamonds (amongst other things). Partly I'm excited, partly I'm scared (I'm a control freak, and this will definitely mean some things being outside my sphere of comfort). The Dutch seem nice enough and I'm assured English is well-used, but figuring out things like where to go to buy stuff (do they sell Baked Beans in Holland?) and where to wash and press my clothes are a little daunting. Most importantly of all, I need to know where I can get broadband access (thankfully my new laptop is wi-fi enabled), I won't survive very long without it (I get withdrawal symptoms, not pretty). I'm also interested in visiting a few places while I'm there (no point going if you're not going to explore).

The office where I'll be working is in Zoetermeer -- 30 mins from Amsterdam as I understand it -- so if anyone has any tips for wi-fi access (or knows accommodation with broadband I can recommend to the powers that be), places to shop, suggestions for things to see and do or general help for prospering in Holland, please drop me a line.