Georgie Boy

21 Sep, 2004 | EntertainmentTdp

Now, with the recent release of the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD, a question occurred to me and I wondered if anyone would care to help me answer it.

    Should George Lucas:
  1. be made Emperor of the Universe for the first Star Wars trilogy, or

  2. be cast into the pit of Carkoon to be digested over a thousand years by the all-powerful Sarlacc for making a complete hash of Episode's I and II, or

  3. be held in esteem by all movie fans for creating characters such as Han Solo, Yoda and R2D2, and be promoted to the rank of general in the Rebel Alliance, or

  4. be held over a torture device (like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back) for the lame jokes he wrote for C3PO in Episode II, or

  5. be promoted to Jedi Master for casting Harrison Ford, Samuel L Jackson and the lovely Natalie Portman, or

  6. be forced to have a lecture on the use and abuse of CGI in movies while having his throat crushed by a Dark Lord using the Force for his extreme overuse of effects in Episodes I and II

I haven't quite made up my mind yet.