Game for Footy?

23 Apr, 2005 | TdpGeneral

I play football every other Sunday morning with a bunch of other guys who loosely know each other. Due to a few injuries and commitments to league games we are having trouble with numbers (we play outside on an astroturf pitch that is about a third the size of a full-size pitch so we need at least 6-a-side, but we’ve played 8-a-side and that works well), so I thought I’d post to see if anybody would be interested.

As I said, it’s every other Sunday (next game is 1st May), 10am for an hour. You don’t need to commit to come every time, even if you can only come once a month we’d be grateful. We play in Hedge End (Southampton), so you need to be able to get there, unless you live near enough to share a lift with one of the others. We’re competitive, but not to the point of injuring people, and we range in skill from average to slightly above average, fitness from completely unfit to super-fit and age from sickeningly young to over the hill.

It’s good fun, a bit of exercise and some friendly competition, plus you get to meet a great bunch of guys and, more importantly, me.

Drop me an email if you’re interested and we’ll sort something out.