Friends Across the Channel

16 Jan, 2007 | HistoryTdp

Startling news, apparently the Brits could have had an alliance with France, even more shocking, the could have joined the Commonwealth and had the Queen presiding over them.

So, when Eden turned down his request for a union between France and Britain the French prime minister came up with another proposal.

This time, while Eden was on a visit to Paris, he requested that France be allowed to join the British Commonwealth.

Anyone who knows much about Britain and France knows an alliance would never have worked, we have totally different outlooks, they are a proud republic, we still favour the monarchy. I could be nasty and say all sorts, but we have a lot of history together. Not the least of which was the 100 years war (which lasted longer) and them trying to invade (Napoleon), followed by us digging them out of hole, twice, when the Germans got ideas above their station (and envious of the Brits, but then, who isn't?).

Anyway, back to seriousness, I, like Nationalist MP Jacques Myard who is quoted in the piece, can't believe they'd even think about it. The French certainly wouldn't stand for it, they're very defensive of their liberty.