30 Oct, 2004 | WebTdp

After having heard a lot about Flickr and seen some of the authors of blogs I read not just mention it but rush off and create their own galleries I decided to take a look. Flickr is basically a site for uploading and sharing your photos. I liked the look of it, so, employing my best sheep mentality, I have created my own gallery.

I've got a few photos from various travels lying about on my machine which no one else has really seen and being on my hard disk it's unlikely they will. So I thought I'd share some with, not only my friends and family, but the rest of the world an' all.

I have to say that flickr is incredibly easy to use, though having to trawl through and add titles, descriptions and tags to all of the images can be tiresome. Still, I'm using the free service, so I shouldn't whine. The free service is limited to 10 Mb of uploads a month, 3 albums and only showing the latest 100 photos. More than enough for most people. The paid pro service costs just over $40 for a year, lets you have access to your full size originals, unlimited albums, 1 GB of uploads and unlimited space and transfer every month. Good value for money.

I'm not sure how much I'll use it (I don't usually take a whole lot of pics), but it should be fun, and make it easy to put up a few of the images I have lying about.