Fahrenheit 9/11

12 Jul, 2004 | EntertainmentGlobal PoliticsTdp

Well yesterday I, like half the British population it seems, went to see Fahrenheit 9/11, the new documentary by Michael Moore (they guy behind, amongst other things, Bowling for Columbine, Stupid White Men and Downsize This - those last two links courtesy of WP-Amazon by Rich Manalang) and it was good. In fact, so many people wanted to see it, we couldn't get in on the first attempt at our small, local art house cinema (we didn't think it would have felt right watching it at flippin' Odeon).

Obviously it's one-sided, obviously it pulls no punches, obviously it has Moore's trademark theatrics and humour, but equally it does make you question those who hold sway over our countries (not just the US) and our very lives. Go see it, I'm not going to say that everything in it should be swallowed without question like an innoculation against the upper-class idiots who're only interested in money and power and we call our leaders (read that sentence again and tell me I haven't been brainwashed), but it should cause you to look at little closer.

Some of my favourite parts:

George W. Bush:
I'm calling on all our allies, all good peoples to fight terrorists and help remove the danger of terrorism. Now, watch this swing.

The shot widens to reveal old W is on a golf course and just playing off the fairway.

The fact that, apparently, W was on holiday (vacation) for 42% of the time before 9/11.

When asked, "Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?"

Dick Cheney replies:
We know where they are, they're in Tikrit, around Baghdad, north, south, east and west.

(Isn't that everywhere? Or maybe just shorthand for: We don't know)

When a US senator says:
This may come as a shock, son, but we don't read every bill we pass. It'd take too long.

Now, I don't know about you, but I find it deeply disturbing that people who are PAID to read these things and make a decision that represents the people, a) don't and b) pass laws without knowing what they're about. I'd like to pass a bill that was otherwise sound, to do with protecting more wild species say, but has a little clause that states the government agrees to pay $1million into my personal bank account every month. Do you know the words to I'm in the Money?

If it turns out anyone in the House of Lords, or the House of Commons, is doing this, you guys better look out, 'cause I won't stand for it dammit and I'll write a nasty post all about you, so there, nah.

Also, don't forget the UK version of Michael Moore, our very own Mark Thomas, who has been removed from the TV schedule (and who was always on channel 4 at 11pm some week night) and so needs to be given the money to make documentaries.