Eating Habits

12 May, 2007 | GeneralTdp

I was looking at a lump of blue cheese the other day and a thought occurred to me: who the hell decided to stick it in their gob?

Henri: Ah no, Gaston, take a look at this (he picks up a small lump of moldy, white goo from a shelf), all the cheese has gone moldy, now we'll never sell it.

Gaston: (shrugs) It looks awful, throw it away and make sure you wash your hands.

Henri: (he brings the lump to his nose and sniffs) It smells disgusting, it's covered in mold... (he sticks it in his mouth)

Gaston: What are you doing, you idiot?

Henri: Mmm, not bad, it has a powerful flavour.

Gaston: I'll be amazed if you live through the night.

Henri: (he looks around him) What should we do with it all (there are shelves and shelves of moldy cheese).

Gaston: I have an idea, let's call it a delicacy, charge a lot of money for it and sell it to the English, they'll buy anything.