Drown the Phish

5 Jun, 2005 | WebTdp

I make a point of reading the I, Cringely column by Robert X Cringely because it's exceptionally good, very insightful and is generally packed with thought-provoking ideas. This week he has proposed a method of helping to eliminate phishing emails that involves user power. For those who don't know, phishing emails are fake emails from online services such as PayPal, eBay and banks that try to get you to input your details on a fake site so they can then use them to log in to your account and steal anything they can.

It's quite clever idea and I have to say I agree it's a good method, but it needs numbers folks, so next time you get one of these dodgy emails (and practically anything asking you to enter/confrim your details is a fake) head over, make some stuff up, and hopefully we'll be able to beat the criminals.