Doctor Who?

14 Dec, 2004 | Written WordTdp

I don't know why, but I was trawling my bookmarks the other day and I came across one for Peter Anghelides that I don't visit very often. Now, I have fond memories of Doctor Who and I'll be taking a look at the new series they're supposed to be making, but I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say I'm a fan. I mention this because Peter writes Doctor Who fiction. To date he's written three novels, several short stories and at least one audio script.

So why the hell have I got it in my bookmarks? Well, Peter lives two doors away from me. His wife publishes books as well (tracking them down is proving interesting though, I can only assume she uses a pen name she publishes under the name Anne Summerfield, has won the Asham Award before, has several short stories published in various collections and runs a creative writing course) I'm told. I've spent a few evenings chatting away to them, but never really got onto books and getting published, which, as an unpublished author (I'm not sure aspiring writer is a good term, I don't aspire to write, I do write, look, I'm doing it now, I just haven't been published in anything other than electronic format) is a topic I should probably have persued more actively. Anyway, sort of a claim to fame I guess.

Not much for web design though. I should probably try and get him over to WordPress...