Disneyland Hong Kong

17 Sep, 2005 | EntertainmentTravelTdp

You may not have noticed it (I'd never heard of it before yesterday, which is odd as they must have been building it for a while) but Disney opened their first theme park in China (though not on the mainland), Disneyland Hong Kong (doesn't roll off the tongue as with the others). Nowhere, it seems, is safe from the mouse.

Disneyland Hong Kong Concept 2

The Guardian has an interesting article on the opening. I'd like to say that the boys, girls, men and women of China will be in for a real treat, but as entrance costs about a third of the average monthly wage packet, many people simply won't be able to afford to go, how does that make any sense?

Disneyland Hong Kong Concept 1

It seems to mark a defining point for old China, which appears happy to have the mouse, not because of broadening horizons and enlightened thinking, no, but because it's expected to make $10bn over then next 40 years. Mind you, if they change their mind, it's not even in Hong Kong, but on outlying island called Lantau, so they could always flood, sink or flatten it without major hassle. Hell, it's on the coast, they could just scrape it into the sea.

Disneyland Hong Kong Park Map

Incidentally, this is phase 1, there is a phase 2 planned.