Disabled Parking

18 Feb, 2007 | GeneralTdp

I can't say I disagree with local councils cutting down on 'blue badge offenders,' that is, people who are not disabled, but display a disabled badge. I'm sure the practice of using a friend or relative's badge is fairly common (although I was shocked to find out people actually steal them, and that they're worth up to £1600 on the black market). Surely this could be tackled by linking the badges to a car license plate, displayed on it, so all the copper/council official have to do is check it against the car it is in, or phone in and it could be checked against a database, you could allow registration of more than once license plate, and only allow updates to be sent to the registrants address.

Something I'd have thought actual disabled people would like is if the council tried to cut down on people with no disabled badge parking in their spaces (usually BMWs), much easier to be certain and it would help quell resentment amongst the rest of us about the number of spaces given over to disabled people but who don't abuse them.