Digital Library

10 Nov, 2005 | ComputersWritten WordTdp

One of the reasons I'm an exponent of print options is because I often don't get time to read everything online when I first see them, so I print them to PDF and save a copy to read later. Originally, I would simply find time to read them and, once that was done, delete them. Occasionally I may have hung onto a few temporarily in order to reference or quote them in a post. Then, a while back, I thought it was a bit of a waste finding the articles and then deleting them. Sure, I could probably find all that information again online, but many sources newspapers especially) make you pay to access their back catalogues, and with the rise of more powerful desktop searches that support text searching within PDF documents, I've taken to filing them in a loose set of folders so that I can refer to them again. They're only small, so space isn't an issue and I'm not sure how much use they'll be, but hopefully I'll end up with a unique and interesting collection of articles on subjects that interest me.