David Gemmell Dies

9 Nov, 2006 | Written WordTdp

I've just found out that David Gemmell, one of my favourite authors, died earlier this year at the age of 57. He appeared to be recovering well after a heart bypass operation two weeks earlier.

I found out about this, strangely, from a comment on Amazon left against the second of his Troy trilogy, Shield of Thunder. I'm currently riveted to the first episode, which is superb, and the second has been released, apparently he delivered 70,000 words of the final book, Fall of Kings, to his publisher before entering hospital and his wife, who helped with much of the research for the pieces and discussed the story with him, has vowed to finish the last book.

I remember reading an interview with Gemmell where he said he had once received a letter from a fan recounting an experience in a city park. The fan had just finished one of his novels and, as he was walking through the park he saw a woman being mugged. Without hesitation he yelled and ran toward them, chasing the muggers off. He claimed that Gemmell’s work had inspired him to do the right thing, even though it put him at risk.

The is how much Gemmell's novels inspire, a he very much encouraged it. It is always sad when someone so great passes.