Dark Ages

12 Dec, 2005 | GeneralTdp

It's true, you don't really miss things 'till their gone. Our electricty, for example, has been doing it's best impression of a yo-yo this last week (hence my strange posting schedule). Last Sunday it went down, came back, went down, came back, went down again and finally came back. Yesterday it stuck with the single down and then back. This evening I had the eerie feeling as a I drove up to the house and the Christmas lights were out, then I realised it was very dark in our little cul-de-sac. Indeed, they had gone again, it's a little annoying as you can't get on and do anything, or really plan to do anything you don't know if the power will be working. We've re-stocked on candles and batteries and are getting adept at preparing meals using only the gas hob (thankfully that and the fire are gas, not electric, otherwise we'd be burning leaflets from the power company). Funny how these things never happen when it's not getting dark until 9-10pm and it's not freezing outside. On the plus side I have been able to catch up on some reading (with help from a book light).

The maddening thing is that the neighbour to our right, and the one to their right, have power, but they're the only two in our close. We get to look out at houses around us who mock us with their gaudy decorations 'look how much power we have, we can even run to the extravagence of Christmas lights while you can't even boil a kettle.' Maybe I'm just losing it slightly.