Coding Hard

11 Jan, 2004 | LifeWebTdp

Well, the first week back has taken it's toll and I'm knackered.

But, I have been plodding on, creating sites. (I do it in my spare time, half for fun, half to make money). So far it's been going okay, and I've been extending my php and css skills because of the requirements of the new projects.

I enjoy creating sites, and learning new skills to help me produce better/more impressive results. I'm a self-taught php programmer, and I only started less than 6 months ago, so things are developing nicely. Forms and dbs are now becoming relatively easy, though still far from fun in most cases. The benefit of doing it all for other people is that it means I have examples ready to cut, paste and edit into my own sites.

Mind you, I couldn't have done it without all the free help, resources and examples posted by the plethora of excellent programmers out there. And the patience and understanding of a few forums and the people I email. So this idea, the web, it does work, you see, it does allow people to share ideas and information, quickly, easily and cheaply. Amazing stuff.

Anyway, I have a ton of website ideas (the plan is to use a multi-pronged attack, to earn money via various sources, which will, combined, be enough to let me give up working full-time in a job I hate and spend more time working on stuff I enjoy - it's a dream, but I'm working hard to turn it into reality) coming up, so keep your eyes peeled.