Changes to Reading

31 Jul, 2005 | Site UpdateWritten WordTdp

I've been meaning to give the reading page a bit of an overhaul for ages and now I've started. I say started because it's not finished, I would like some more options and functionality and, to be honest, the whole process needs to be easier to handle on the backend. It's taken me an age to convert most things back to individual posts, which allow for much greater flexibility, but there's still more to do.

I could have used the structured blogging plugin (in hindsight this might have been best), I did try hacking the In Series plugin (a modified version of which powers the quotes section of my film blog) but in the end I gave up and built my own.

Hopefully it'll mean I'll be able to add books more easily and, eventually, make them easier to search and sort and, hence, more useful for you guys.