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23 Oct, 2004 | TdpWritten WordEntertainment

Okay, further to my previous entry about second-hand books, I had some spare time, a domain name and some webspace, so I put together my own little site to sell my books and videos (and anything else) on.

The more eagle-eyed of you might also have noticed that I am also adding 'Buy my copy' links to the Reading section where I have a copy available (and I'm willing to part with it). I'm not sure if me owning it increases or decreases it's value...

Most of the books (and the videos) are in tip-top condition, only read once, one careful owner, shipping (or postage) is as cheap as I can find it, which generally beats most online stores. In most cases it's not because I don't like the books, just that I doubt I'll read them again (too many books, too little time) and the videos I've replaced on DVD.

Prices are negotiable, and I'm open to bartering, especially in the form of other books. If you've got something you want to swap, drop me a line.

So why not pop over and have a look? I'm adding more as I muster the patience to type up the details, I'm surprised how many things I have. There's quite an ecclectic mix too.