Boobie-thon 2005

29 Sep, 2005 | GeneralTdp

As if most people (I'm not excluding women here) need an excuse to stare at breasts all day, now you can do it in pursuit of a good cause too! I realise this might be heaven for many people, but bear with me, there is a serious message. The fourth annual blogger Boobie-thon is launched on 1st October with the aim of raising money for breast cancer research (via the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation) and support for the victims of hurricane Katrina (via the American Red Cross). If you make a generous donation ($50+) you even get to see the uncensored version.

Okay, got past the serious bit? Excellent, so let's all head off and look at some boobies, or, if you prefer, breasts, knockers, melons, tits, jugs, fun bags, norks, baps, well, you get the picture.

Update: Damn, forgot to mention is was the beautiful Kitta who pointed me in the direction of the boobies.