BMW Films

18 Jan, 2004 | EntertainmentWebTdp

I got reminded of this the other day. A while back, BMW decided to try advertising in a different way and launched It was an interesting idea: get some of today's great filmmakers, give them a product, a short script featuring said product, and let them loose with a film crew and plenty of resources. What they ended up with is not just a new breed of advertising, but it's actually exciting filmmaking.

Here you have some exciting films, short films, which are not often regarded highly enough as a specialised film form, that really let the talents play, while having certain limitations (how many time can you get a car into a narrative and make it look good, and necessary to the story?). You can download them at the above address, but they are rather large (50+ Mb each), you can order them on DVD too.

What I think they should do is release them to cinemas, play them before the main feature: they get great advertising, we get entertaining cinema, unlike most of the tat Hollywood is producing these days.