Blog With Fire

30 Jun, 2004 | WebTdp

Andrei (Herasimchuk - and yes I did copy and paste that) over at Design by Fire (DxF) has posted a great article on his first 6 months in the blogosphere and advice for those people who run blogs or are thinking of starting one (or should start one but haven't thought about it, well, anyone really).

His perspective on what he does, and why he thinks he's successful is both interesting and insightful, and for those people who have never been to DxF or heard of Andrei, get over their now. Personally, I love reading his work, and if I ever disagree with him over a point (not so far) then I'll still continue reading.

The article is inline with my thoughts on blogging: do what you want, express your views, no target is too large (though try and stay off the beaten track, MS bashers are aplenty), no topic to small. So take a look, have a think about what he says and maybe your blog, and your audience, will benefit.