Bill Gates for President

30 Nov, 2006 | ComputersGlobal PoliticsTdp

I had to post this, found via the ever-amazing Kottke (I'm going to get a shortcut key for inserting his link), this has to be the funniest thing I've read in ages, courtesy of Dilbert creator Scott Adams:

For my president I want a mixture of Mother Teresa, Carl Sagan, Warren Buffet, and Darth Vader. Bill has all of their good stuff. His foundation will save more lives than Mother Teresa ever did. He’s got the Carl Sagan intelligence and rational mind. He’s a hugely successful businessman. And I have every reason to believe he can choke people just by concentrating in their general direction. You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be useful at a summit.

And you know what, he's probably right, hell, I'd vote for him for Prime Minister, sure he's had some questionable ethics in business, sure he's tried to squash the little guy and stifle creative development in computers and software, but what a guy to have on your side.