Beyond Reason

24 May, 2011 | LifeTdp

Yes, Harold Camping has finally decided to speak about the failed appearance of the Rapture he predicted would occur last weekend by revising his date.  This is for the second time, don't forget, the last time he predicted it in 1994.  At least you don't have to wait as long this time.

Hopefully there will be a little more scepticism this time around and we won't hear more tales of people giving away their possessions and life savings.  I'm not sure what Camping send the first time around, but it must have been fairly compelling, or maybe some people were just desperate to hear it.

I'm not about to tell you what you should and shouldn't believe, but please exercise a little bit of caution.  The last miss doesn't seem to have dented some of his follower's beliefs.

It's interesting to note how much coverage he is getting (although maybe not when you consider all the 2012 stuff when the movie came out) and that even most Christians think he's doing more harm than good.

I'm also a little curious that he seemed to suggest the Rapture would start at 6pm in each time zone.  Why would anyone bother wiping out the Earth one hour at a time, especially an omniscient being?

I guess we'll see what happens come October 22nd.