BBC Content

29 Apr, 2004 | EntertainmentTdp

It was with a somewhat cynical eye that I read the BBC article about Aunty (as the beeb is affectionately known here) pledging that they will be increasing the number of arts, current affairs and documentary programmes, especially during peak viewing times.

I have seen them pledge to reduce the number of reality TV shows only to be faced with yet another season of Aiport. I totally agree that we need more quality programming on the BBC, as do many of the people who commented on the article. It is a non-commercial station after all. It's funded by our TV licence and so they shouldn't need to worry about how many punters it pulls (at least not for commercial advertising reasons). It has been slowly descending into the Sun mentiality of society, and while it hasn't reached the depths of other commercial channels, it's on its way.

TV programming has been so bad of late that I've practically stopped watching TV altogether, no bad thing generally speaking.

And the thing is, the BBC is probably one of if not the premier entertainment network in the world. Having been all over I can tell you that every English speaking country I visited imports a lot of BBC products, not just for commercial airing, but also on DVD and video. Every year it exceeds at the British Comedy Awards, the British Academy Television Awards and everywhere else. It's programmes are known globally, renowned even. It's drama and period drama are ranked amongst the highest in the world.

So for God's sake BBC, start listening to us, we don't want DIY programmes, we don't want makeover programmes, gardens or otherwise, we don't want more crappy quiz shows, we don't want reality TV, we want great comedy, exciting drama and biting commentary. We know you can do, so prove it to us.