Asserting Your Identity

12 Dec, 2004 | TravelTdp

Now I’m not a numismatist (a coin collector), but having Euros floating about in my pockets all the time (I need the change for the train) means I was idly wondering about the designs on the back. Somewhere deep in the confused recesses of my mind, I remembered that each country produced it’s own designs, a way of standing out, while all sharing the same currency (an idea of genius in my view, the designs, not the currency, I like my exchange rates). A quick hunt on the internet turned up a site that had all the current designs (I was primarily interested in the two Euro coin though, being the biggest and best decorated – a choice of two colours for a start).

So far, I’ve had coins from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and, obviously, the Netherlands. And that’s just the ones I’ve been paying attention to.