Apple Stifling Innovation?

18 May, 2010 | ComputersTdp

In the middle of this BBC piece about teenage app tycoons there's an interesting quote from one of the tycoons:

Greg admits that he never really expected the wi-fi sync app to be approved because, in effect, he was messing with Apple's own technology.


The young developer decided last week to place his app in a marketplace for indie apps at $9.99 - quite a chunky price - and see what happened.

The result? In just 72 hours, 2,500 people bought it. So Mr Hughes has been able to make over $20,000 in a few days, even without the backing of Apple. You'd think he'd be over the moon. But he reckons he could have been a millionaire if he had managed to get wi-fi sync into the App Store.

"I accept they are a business and they answer to their shareholders," he told me. "But they are stifling innovation. It's not a good sign for the industry as a whole."