A Record Breaker

3 Mar, 2005 | TdpEntertainment

I caught this on my BBC headlines email and was stunned. I mean, wow. Imagine the time, the dedication and the commitment to achieve such a fantastic record. Three whole premieres in one day, in three different cities around the UK, I’m impressed. And what mode of transport did he use? Did he go by foot, by car, by motorbike, by inflatable dingy? No. He used a private jet. Amazing. When I say I’m impressed, I mean I’m impressed it warranted a headline. Three whole premieres. If it had been 10, in different continents and he’d got there on a solar-powered scooter, then it’d be newsworthy. I could have attended all three premieres by car and made it without speeding, the UK ain’t that big. Just another case of Hollywood making out they’re achieving fantastic feats when they’re doing naff all. They’d have earnt more of my respect by taking the outrageous amount of money it cost to rent the private jet and donated it to charity.