A Peaceful Time of Year

23 Jun, 2005 | GeneralMotoringTdp

We’re getting to that period of the year which I enjoy, not because of big holidays, the weather or spending time with family, but because it affords many of us a simple, and often unnoticed, pleasure. I’m talking about the time when schools close for the summer.

Yes, the weather picks up, but as someone who isn’t fond of sitting in the sun and feels the heat more than most, I’m not a big fan of summer (it’s probably my least favourite season, controversial I know). Anyone who has tried to take a holiday over the summer will probably disagree about the kids being out is a good thing. Parents (and poor old teachers) have limited times in which to take holidays as they either have to coincide with when the kids are off to go away, or take time off to stay home and look after them. This means airports are packed, planes are full of hyperactive children and resorts are full of hustle and bustle. Housing estates and shops fill up with them city centres become even more packed than usual.

For the rest of us (i.e. non-parents), the lack of parents doing the school run and less people commuting to take holidays and look after the kids means a nice drop in traffic and much smoother journeys to work. If ever there was an argument for the introduction of free school buses (as is being proposed), this must surely be it?

Don’t believe me, take a look around as you drive to work during late July and August.