A New Arrival

20 Oct, 2004 | ComputersTdp

Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of a 3.74 lb (1.7Kg) bundle of joy. She is small and perfectly formed and her name's Hera. Before I continue, perhaps I should explain that Hera is my new laptop.

Like all newborns, all has not been exactly plain sailing, Hera was not supplied with SP2, which took an ice age to download (CD ordered), neither did Hera have a nice set of partitions on her 60GB HDD, which meant trying to find a free app that would let me do it (I wasn't prepared to buy Partition Magic, for a third time, when I use it once in a blue moon). The free partition apps I found were, of course, all designed to run off floppies, which Hera doesn't have, so I used a copy of Mandrake Linux I have and partitioned it up during the install sequence before bombing out. Then I had to format the suckers.

Added to all that, I was out socialising yesterday, and will be off shortly for more tonight, which means I have had little chance to play. (Friends are nice an' all, and I love 'em to death, but they're a pain in the ass when all you want to do is play with your new baby)

Now though, I am happily surfing away using Firefox and downloading my email on Thunderbird, but I'm still working on installing all the little essentials I need to work anywhere and do pretty much anything on it. Then I can blog anywhere I want (which may be useful soon, more news shortly).