A is for ADSL

5 Apr, 2005 | Science And TechnologyWebTdp

I've bitten the bullet and have had an ADSL connection installed in my apartment over here. And this is my first post from my newly connected abode.

I'm paying over the odds for the connection, it's €15 a week, which would be more than enough to get me an 8 MB connection in the UK, not just a half-meg I'm on, but it's better than nothing, which is pretty much what I had until now.

The only other way to get connected, using my own machine at least, was to walk over to a nearby hotel which had an extortionately priced wireless connection. It was costing me more than half what I'm paying now just to connect for 4 hours every other weekend (I'm back in the UK every other weekend). So, for somewhere between 1.5 and 2 times the price I was paying, I'm now getting 24/7 access and I don't have to leave my apartment either.