Movie Bad Guys

12 Aug, 2004 | EntertainmentTdpFilm

Defective Yeti has a fun post about the ultimate movie badass, not a new idea I'll grant you, but there's some fun match-ups that make this stand out from the crowd.

Some of those well worth seeing must be Hannibal Lecter (assuming he beats the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man in round one), versus Darth Vader (I'm betting he gets past that mother-lover Norman Bates).

I like the look of the Titanic iceberg, but I'm sure it'll get beaten with a servere tongue-lashing by the crazy chick in Misery in round 3.

I'd like to think Jaws will take care of the shitload of Nazis, then the Joker or Nurse Ratched pose no threat but I also believe that Hannibal Lector or Darth Vader would either a) think of a way to serve the giant fish with a nice chianti or b) barbeque his ass with a lightsabre and serve him/her/it in bitsize chunks.

On the other side I would say that the Jurassic Park dinosaurs will eat everything without a problem (though they may need some antacid tablets, especially for them hillbillies) until they hit the Terminator. I don't think he can be beat, but I think the Aliens will leave him worse for wear with Acid burns.

So a Terminator vs. crazy chick from Misery final with the sledgehammer wielding nutter winning on shear perseverance and the fact that the terminator was damaged before battle and kept calling her Sarah Connor which just worked her up (the idea that he might have another woman that is).

I'm sure he's missed some classics, when I figure out which I'll let you know.