Books I have published that you can download/buy

A Nation of Addicts
Global warming means everyone takes a daily dose to fight tropical diseases. Emma is helping to break the drug company hold and save her mum.
After the Sirens Sound
An anthology of my apocalyptic short stories, covering everything from plagues to climate change.
An action story that takes place in the oceans, where mankind lives in colonies to avoid the hostile surface environment.
Riders of the Wind
With a giant storm bearing down on his home of New Tokyo, Tanaka must lead his squadron of riders into it in a desperate attempt to change its course.
Taking Shelter
Living in a missile silo with her family has kept Jenny safe from the perils of post-apocalypse life, but she's prepared to risk it all to save a family in trouble.
Welcome to Sunrise
The story of a community rebuilt after a plague nearly wiped Earth clean, told via a yearly presentation.