Revise, Revise, Revise. Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

I don’t wish to point fingers, but it’s all Hugh Howey’s fault. When I got wind of the whole self-publishing thing and finally overcame my endless procrastination, to the point where I actually finished a story, I then had to think about what to do with it. Obviously the first draft wouldn’t be the only one, it would need to be revised. I don’t think I knew how many drafts I would need to undertake before it was ‘ready’ but let’s say three. read on →

The Plan

In 2012, I started to get serious about my writing (well, it started in 2011, but I dragged my heels a bit). I’ve written, on and off (mostly off), for some time. I actually completed a novel over the course of about ten years. I’d also written some screenplays. Learning about self-publishing provided the spur I think, although it may also have been me reaching a point in my life where I needed to stop dreaming about writing and start doing it, or I never would. read on →

Providing Some Insight

It’s always interesting to know where an idea came from, so I’ve updated the book pages to include background on how each story came about, some of the ideas I had kicking around for years, some are much more of the moment. Ideas, at least for me, can come from any number of places, even from existing books and films where I’m intrigued by a twist on the story they’ve told. read on →