Creating a Paperback of your Ebook

Having finished the my initial batch of five short stories and published them electronically, I thought they constituted a large enough body of work to warrant a physical edition. Not because I expected a rush of sales from those waiting for a paper copy, but mainly because it’d be nice to give something out to friends and family (okay, so I was hoping for a few sales too). There are plenty of options for print-on-demand (POD) publishing these days, from Lulu, to Blurb, to the Amazon owned CreateSpace. read on →

Let's Get Physical

Having finally pulled all my stories together into an anthology, I decided it was of sufficient length to warrant making a physical edition. I was probably too excited about receiving a physical copy of my book. Not just because it contained my writing and I could hold it in my hand (a REAL thing, not just electrons), but because I’d done everything from the cover to the layout myself too. I admit, the excitement was laced with a hint of worry. read on →

Listing Your Books on Google Play

I stumbled across a post a while back over at Kboards, talking about the author’s success selling through Google’s Play store. I was vaguely aware you could buy books through Google, but it hadn’t dawned on my that I could get mine listed there. It took a while for me to get around to doing it (and there seemed to be surprisingly little about how to do it online), but having succeeded, at last, I thought I would share my experience. read on →

Designing Your Own Ebook Cover

There are a number of things you need to do to self-publish a story. Writing it is the most obvious, but if you want to sell it then you’re going to need a cover and the importance of a good one should not be underestimated. I’ve seen plenty of stories of authors claiming a new cover kick-started sales on their book. I’ve also come across plenty of amateurish covers, and what does that say about your book? read on →

The Plan

In 2012, I started to get serious about my writing (well, it started in 2011, but I dragged my heels a bit). I’ve written, on and off (mostly off), for some time. I actually completed a novel over the course of about ten years. I’d also written some screenplays. Learning about self-publishing provided the spur I think, although it may also have been me reaching a point in my life where I needed to stop dreaming about writing and start doing it, or I never would. read on →

Self-publishing First Step 'Gotchas'

When I finally got one of my stories to the point where I was happy enough to upload it to the various stores (read: I was sick of rewriting it and it looked good enough), I read as many guides as a I could on the process. They left a few things out though, so I thought I would add them here in case they prove useful to anyone else. Payment Details Both Amazon and Kobo required me to enter my payment details. read on →