Out Now: Off the KUF Volume 3

The trilogy is finally complete. You may recall that the members of the Kindle Users Forum banded together to release an anthology to help support the site. So many people submitted an entry, it was split into three volumes. Your life may have been complete with the release of Volume 2, because I’m in it, but the final instalment is well worth your time as it features the longer, novella-length works. read on →

Out Now: Off the KUF Volume 2, with me

You may remember me mentioning the first volume back in November, well here comes the second one, this time with 100% more me. Yes, as I said in my previous post, one of my stories made the cut and is included in this volume. I’ve been reading the first one, and the quality and variety won’t disappoint. I’m pleased with my entry and I don’t think it’ll lower the tone too much, though it is different to anything I’ve published thus far. read on →

Out Now: Off the KUF Volume 1

I hang around over at the UK Kindle Users Forum, it’s a great place to engage with other self-published authors (and some readers too). Lou does a great job running the show over there, but he’s the one who bears the costs of keeping the lights on while the rest of us enjoy it. So we decided to see if we could contribute and, being authors, we went with writing a few stories. read on →