I am Not a Book Pirate

Over the past few weeks I have received a few offers, both via Twitter and private messages on the Kindle Users Forum, along the lines of: I see you’re interested in a free copy of my book, did you find it? If not, I’m happy to send you one. I assumed they were spam and deleted or ignored them. Then I was accused of stealing by an author I’d never heard of because of the supposed posts I’d made about getting free copies. read on →

Revise, Revise, Revise. Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

I don’t wish to point fingers, but it’s all Hugh Howey’s fault. When I got wind of the whole self-publishing thing and finally overcame my endless procrastination, to the point where I actually finished a story, I then had to think about what to do with it. Obviously the first draft wouldn’t be the only one, it would need to be revised. I don’t think I knew how many drafts I would need to undertake before it was ‘ready’ but let’s say three. read on →

Creating a Paperback of your Ebook

Having finished the my initial batch of five short stories and published them electronically, I thought they constituted a large enough body of work to warrant a physical edition. Not because I expected a rush of sales from those waiting for a paper copy, but mainly because it’d be nice to give something out to friends and family (okay, so I was hoping for a few sales too). There are plenty of options for print-on-demand (POD) publishing these days, from Lulu, to Blurb, to the Amazon owned CreateSpace. read on →

Out Now: Off the KUF Volume 3

The trilogy is finally complete. You may recall that the members of the Kindle Users Forum banded together to release an anthology to help support the site. So many people submitted an entry, it was split into three volumes. Your life may have been complete with the release of Volume 2, because I’m in it, but the final instalment is well worth your time as it features the longer, novella-length works. read on →

Let's Get Physical

Having finally pulled all my stories together into an anthology, I decided it was of sufficient length to warrant making a physical edition. I was probably too excited about receiving a physical copy of my book. Not just because it contained my writing and I could hold it in my hand (a REAL thing, not just electrons), but because I’d done everything from the cover to the layout myself too. I admit, the excitement was laced with a hint of worry. read on →

Listing Your Books on Google Play

I stumbled across a post a while back over at Kboards, talking about the author’s success selling through Google’s Play store. I was vaguely aware you could buy books through Google, but it hadn’t dawned on my that I could get mine listed there. It took a while for me to get around to doing it (and there seemed to be surprisingly little about how to do it online), but having succeeded, at last, I thought I would share my experience. read on →

Out Now: Off the KUF Volume 2, with me

You may remember me mentioning the first volume back in November, well here comes the second one, this time with 100% more me. Yes, as I said in my previous post, one of my stories made the cut and is included in this volume. I’ve been reading the first one, and the quality and variety won’t disappoint. I’m pleased with my entry and I don’t think it’ll lower the tone too much, though it is different to anything I’ve published thus far. read on →

Designing Your Own Ebook Cover

There are a number of things you need to do to self-publish a story. Writing it is the most obvious, but if you want to sell it then you’re going to need a cover and the importance of a good one should not be underestimated. I’ve seen plenty of stories of authors claiming a new cover kick-started sales on their book. I’ve also come across plenty of amateurish covers, and what does that say about your book? read on →

The Plan

In 2012, I started to get serious about my writing (well, it started in 2011, but I dragged my heels a bit). I’ve written, on and off (mostly off), for some time. I actually completed a novel over the course of about ten years. I’d also written some screenplays. Learning about self-publishing provided the spur I think, although it may also have been me reaching a point in my life where I needed to stop dreaming about writing and start doing it, or I never would. read on →

Out Now: Off the KUF Volume 1

I hang around over at the UK Kindle Users Forum, it’s a great place to engage with other self-published authors (and some readers too). Lou does a great job running the show over there, but he’s the one who bears the costs of keeping the lights on while the rest of us enjoy it. So we decided to see if we could contribute and, being authors, we went with writing a few stories. read on →

Self-publishing First Step 'Gotchas'

When I finally got one of my stories to the point where I was happy enough to upload it to the various stores (read: I was sick of rewriting it and it looked good enough), I read as many guides as a I could on the process. They left a few things out though, so I thought I would add them here in case they prove useful to anyone else. Payment Details Both Amazon and Kobo required me to enter my payment details. read on →

Providing Some Insight

It’s always interesting to know where an idea came from, so I’ve updated the book pages to include background on how each story came about, some of the ideas I had kicking around for years, some are much more of the moment. Ideas, at least for me, can come from any number of places, even from existing books and films where I’m intrigued by a twist on the story they’ve told. read on →

Site Updated

The old static site has gone, in part thanks to me actually publishing some stories and so I can (hopefully) write a few articles on my experience self-publishing. Anyway, more to come, hopefully in the not too distant future. Update (Jan 2016) - And we’re back to a static site, they’re the latest thing (again). read on →